Guide to Hiring Security Guard Companies during COVID Pandemic

During times of uncertainty, it is important to understand that our society is changing, especially now more than ever.We have seen our society go through a vast amount of guidelines and expectations for every member of society. There is not one person around you that has not been affected in one way or another through the changes of our society, so it is important to make sure that we are preparing ourselves for any event of change and uncertainty.So many business owners and individuals are left uncertain in many aspects of life from health and wellness to security and peace of mind. No matter the business that you own, work for, or are a consumer at.. We all have faced new expectations that we must acknowledge and make the proper changes to adhere to the new policies and guidelines that are now in place.Whether you are a brick and mortar or an online-based store, there are new guidelines that have been put in place to ensure the safety and security of everyone. Having a physical security plan, as well as a virtual security plan is a great way to start a foundation on how to keep your business up to protocol during uncertain times.Government orders and guidelines will need to be reviewed often and in detail to ensure staying up to standards, some of the ways that security can assist with those;

  • Maintaining headcount of occupancy to ensure social distancing order is followed
  • Showing physical security presence to protect assets and property
  • Providing privacy for employees and customers
  • Providing additional security/assessments for buildings that require COVID check-points

These are just some of the ways that security guard companies can be of assistance to your business during the pandemic and well after to ensure the security of your properties and assets.Construction industries, as well as the healthcare industries, are seeing a change in business and are being affected vastly due to the protocols and guidelines that have been put in place.A few tips to help you making the transitions easier to open back up a business during the pandemic:

  • Limit entry/exit points through the facility, and create a main entrance/exit with a one-way flow of traffic to ensure that your guards have a proper occupancy count as patron/consumers walk in and out of the facilities.
  • Compartmentalization will play a huge role in the safety and well-being of others during the COVID pandemic. Making sure areas are sectioned off and to avoid contamination, it is important to make sure that areas are sectioned off in a manner that is best suited for the facilities and patrons.
  • Have a Hand Sanitizer and Mask Station (If applicable) for your patrons to ensure they are protected and have accessibility to sanitation if needed.
  • Temperature/Wellness check is something that can be done by a security guard or an employee. This will ensure that anyone that is walking into the facilities does not show signs of symptoms that may lead to spreading the virus.

Following the local and state guidelines for your designated area, is going to ensure that businesses are up to the standards that have been put in place by local officials. If you have questions regarding the protocols that have been put in place, seeking out the proper guidance is going to lead to optimal success during the pandemic.If you are interested in your personal or business security options please call Canyon Security Specialist and Consulting today at 602-753-8814 or visit us at for further assistance for all of your security needs.