Professional Security Guard Services in Phoenix Since 2004
Over 30 years experience in security & policing at your service.

Why Us

At Canyon Security Specialist & Consulting we believe in a world where communities can walk at night and feel safe in their homes. Where these same community members can go to work and know that they are protected. We believe our children should be able to attend school and focus solely on their education. So we put it all on the line to make this world a better place and a reality for all our clients.

Passing on the Benefits

We are able to offer security services for lower prices than our competitors because we are a company who believes in offering more to their employees, therefore we operate with less middle management. With less middle management we have less overhead. That translates to more cost savings passed on to our customers. Additionally, it translates to higher pay to our employees, this eliminates turnover and makes sure your guard is of the best quality in the industry. We also provide insurance and retirement options to our employees where some of our competitors do not. We are an honest and fair security company in Phoenix who will provide you supreme services that will exceed your expectations.

Security Guard Services

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Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Services

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Surveillance & Undercover Operations

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Executive & Corporate Security Guard Services

Investigation Services

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Domestic & General Investigations

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Background Investigations (Background Checks)

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Cyber Investigations

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Corporate & Fraud Investigations

Consulting Services

Image of school

School Safety

Image of a worplace environment

Workplace Violence Solutions

Image of a human resource environment

Human Resource Investigation Consulting

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Public Saftey

An image of a community

Home-Owners Association Safety

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Physical Security Property Assessments


Picture of our CEO Kenneth Laird

Q&A with our CEO: Kenneth Laird

Security Support

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Call our after-hours supervisor for questions or concerns:


Contact Us

If you have need for security, we’d love to hear from you!.

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